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    ATH-22 PA Trumpet Horn

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    FEATURES: • AHUJA heavy duty aluminium trumpet is ideal for most of the large outdoor installations. Rugged construction and fitted with a protective PVC ring on the flare. • Acoustically well designed, it matches Ahuja driver units for an efficient, powerful and clear sound.


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    FEATURES: • CS-451T • 4W/100V • PA Ceiling Speaker • Compact ceiling speaker with clamps to flush mount without screws. • 5” Full Range Speaker, 4W/100V. • Easy mounting with spring loaded wing clamps. • Stylish plastic grille in white colour. • Ideal for Speech and Music in Hotels... Restaurants...


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    FEATURES: • WCS-6304T • 30W RMS • 2-Way PA In Wall Speaker • Compact and aesthetically superior 2-way full range In-Wall Speaker. Moulded plastic frame with metal mesh grill in white colour for excellent matching with a variety of interiors. Excellent fidelity and wide frequency response for faithful reproduction of both speech and music. • Two-Way speaker system with 6” woofer and 1” tweeter. • Easy selection of power taps on 100V line matching transformer. • Easy to mount arrangement for quick installation under a false ceiling, or in a wall enclosure. • Ideal for Hotels… Office Buildings… Restaurants… Hospitals… Shopping Malls… Department Stores… Cinemas… Gyms…...


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    FEATURES: • CS-5044T • 4W RMS • PA Ceiling Speaker • Flush mounting ceiling speaker with an attractive, ultra-modern ABS plastic grill. Stylish good looks make this ideally suitable for fashionable showrooms, restaurants and offices. • 5" Full Range Speaker with power taps of 4, 2 and 1 Watts. • Easy mounting with spring loaded wing clamps. • 100V operation with easy selection of power taps through a terminal block.


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    FEATURES: • Chairman Unit • CWS-8000 Series • Free / Request Mode Selection. • Priority Function to override all Delegates. • LCD: Displays the Working Status and battery charge status. • Microphone Indicator Ring LED. • Power Supply: 2 pcs., AA, Alkaline Batteries.


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    FEATURES: • CWS-8200D • Delegate Unit • CWS-8000 Series • Power/TALK Button. • LCD: Displays the Delegate Unit No. and battery charge status. • Microphone Indicator Ring LED. • Power Supply: 2 pcs., AA, Alkaline Batteries.