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    Phocos CIS20 12/24V PWM Industrial Solar Charge Controller - CIS20

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    FEATURES: • Robust Aluminum Housing • Epoxy Encapsulated PCB to Prevent Corrosion (IP68) • Compact Size • Intelligent Timer Functions • Widely Programmable • External Temperature Sensor • 4 Stage Battery Charging (Main, Float, Boost, Equalization) :. • Dual load or Dimmable Load Output • Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12/24 V)

    Phocos CML 15A 12/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller - CML15-2

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    FEATURES: • Battery State-of-Charge display with 3 LEDs • Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning • PWM-regulation (series type) • Boost, equalize and float charging, also for VRLA • Automatic 12/24 V detection • Integrated temperature compensation • Large terminals (up to 16 mm2wire size) • SOC and voltage controlled LVD • Fully electronically protected

    Phocos CX 40A 12/24V PWM Solar Charge Controller - CX40

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    FEATURES: • Built-in 1 year data logger for system analysis • Charge and discharge status display • Acoustic load disconnect pre-warning • Load status indication • Choose between 5 load disconnect algorithms • Boost/absorption/float PWM-regulation (series type) • ntegrated temperature compensation • Covered terminals (up to 16 mm2 wire size) • Full solid-state protection

    Phocos CX 20A 48V PWM Solar Charge Controller - CX20-48V by Phocos | SKU: SC01-SCC17

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    FEATURES: • LCD - Charge & discharge status display • Audible alert before load disconnect • Load status indicator • 5 load disconnect algorithms • Four-stage PWM charging (series type) • Integrated temperature compensation • Full electronic protection

    Phocos 40A PWM Solar Priority Charge Controller - PSPC40

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    FEATURES: • Auto Recognition (12/24V). • LCD Display. • Lightning protection. • Smart changeover. • Easy to install. • Compact size

    Systellar 20A 48V MPPT Solar Charge Controller - CC-MPPT-48-20

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    FEATURES: • Up to 25% extra charging as compared to PWM models using MPPT • 16 x 2 LCD display in MPPT models for detailed information • 4 Stage battery charging - Deep discharge / Boost / Absorption / Trickle charging mode • User can set max. charging current and voltages • Can even charge deep discharge battery

    Solar Charge Controllers

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