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    Agni Solar Portable Charger 2 - AG-501

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    FEATURES: • The solar portable charger can be folded and is waterproof.It is perfect for camping, trekking and other outdoor activities Light, compact and durable. • Can be hooked onto a back-pack so that mobiles/cameras are charging while trekking • Charges mobiles, cameras, power banks, etc. • Charging Time by sun: upto 10 hrs • Solar panel 7W Monocrystalline panel

    Andslite SFL -1 Solar Fan - SFL-1

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    FEATURES: • Powered by JAPANESE LEDs. • - Long life of LED bulbs up to 1,00,000 hrs. • - Highly energy efficient. • - Plug & play. • - Eco-friendly. • - Multi-pin mobile charging facility. • - 12V, 10W Solar Panel used. • - 12V/7.2 Ah SMF rechargeable battery used.

    Enertech 15KVA/120V MPPT Solar Inverter - SUNMAGIC-15KVA

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    FEATURES: • True bi-directional Inverter/solar PCU,Hybrid Inverter (Grid/Solar/Batt),Single phase i/p , single phase MPPT based Solar Charger. • Generator compatible • Modes available are SGB/GSB/SBG/GFM /INV(selectable) • SBG Modes with Buffer level selection facility 25/50/75 • Grid FEED Function/Mode (GFM) Available • GFM Feeds power to grid when grid available, feeds power to load when grid fails • GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100 • Changeover time less than <20ms • Input power factor for grid charging – near to unity • Zero loss on bypass mode/ grid mode • Auto bypass and manual bypass • Priority - (solar-grid-battery) • Priority - (solar-battery-grid) • Priority – (Grid-Solar-Battery) • Grid Feed Mode

    Enkay 175 Watt 18V Monocrystalline Solar Panel - Mono-175WP

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    FEATURES: • Solar panel refers to a panel designed to absorb the sun's rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heating. We provide solar roof-top solution for residential and commercial use. One of the best features of rooftop PV system is that they can be permitted and installed faster than other types of renewable power plants. They are clean, quiet and visually unobtrusive. • Solar Panel • Robust and durable • High strength

    Luminous Shine 2420 20A 12V/24V Solar Retrofit - Shine 2420

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    FEATURES: • Easy to Install and use • Solar optimization technique • Three modes selections • LED/ LCD indications

    Phocos CIS20 12/24V PWM Industrial Solar Charge Controller - CIS20

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    FEATURES: • Robust Aluminum Housing • Epoxy Encapsulated PCB to Prevent Corrosion (IP68) • Compact Size • Intelligent Timer Functions • Widely Programmable • External Temperature Sensor • 4 Stage Battery Charging (Main, Float, Boost, Equalization) :. • Dual load or Dimmable Load Output • Automatic System Voltage Recognition (12/24 V)