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    Agni Solar Portable Charger 2 - AG-501

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    FEATURES: • The solar portable charger can be folded and is waterproof.It is perfect for camping, trekking and other outdoor activities Light, compact and durable. • Can be hooked onto a back-pack so that mobiles/cameras are charging while trekking • Charges mobiles, cameras, power banks, etc. • Charging Time by sun: upto 10 hrs • Solar panel 7W Monocrystalline panel

    Aktion AK-966 Solar Delineator - AK-966

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    FEATURES: • Aluminium Alloy and Polycarbonate. • Made of highly compressive material and used on the edge lines and corner of the road • Equipped with prismatic reflective lens on each side ensure max. reflectivity • Size: 75 x 80 mm

    Aluminium Mounting Structure Flatfix 1M For 8KW Solar Panel - 1M Mounting Structure 8KW

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    FEATURES: • Flush, high-profile or low-profile • - Configurations Roof or ground mountPitched or flat roof • - Installer-friendly components • - Minimized penetration with longer • - Attachment spans than competitive products • - Designed with customer input • - Configurable tilt angles, support 0-29 • - Degrees Configurable roof touch points • - Compatible with off-the-shelf wire management • - Save time and money with the most revolutionary flat • - Roof mounting solution in the world

    Andslite CP-12/5Wp Solar Lantern - CP12-5WP

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    FEATURES: • Andslite CP-12/5Wp Solar Lanterns is very good,Authentic,Aesthetically Desined,Robust and Durable. • Powered by JAPANESE LEDs. • Long life of LED bulbs up to 1,00,000 hrs. • Strong ABS body & PC glass. • Mobile charging facility. • 10+ hrs. backup after fully charged. • 5W Solar Panel used. • 6V/4.5 Ah SMF rechargeable battery used.

    Andslite SFL -1 Solar Fan - SFL-1

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    FEATURES: • Powered by JAPANESE LEDs. • - Long life of LED bulbs up to 1,00,000 hrs. • - Highly energy efficient. • - Plug & play. • - Eco-friendly. • - Multi-pin mobile charging facility. • - 12V, 10W Solar Panel used. • - 12V/7.2 Ah SMF rechargeable battery used.

    Enertech 15KVA/120V MPPT Solar Inverter - SUNMAGIC-15KVA

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    FEATURES: • True bi-directional Inverter/solar PCU,Hybrid Inverter (Grid/Solar/Batt),Single phase i/p , single phase MPPT based Solar Charger. • Generator compatible • Modes available are SGB/GSB/SBG/GFM /INV(selectable) • SBG Modes with Buffer level selection facility 25/50/75 • Grid FEED Function/Mode (GFM) Available • GFM Feeds power to grid when grid available, feeds power to load when grid fails • GFM levels are selectable 0/25/50/75/100 • Changeover time less than <20ms • Input power factor for grid charging – near to unity • Zero loss on bypass mode/ grid mode • Auto bypass and manual bypass • Priority - (solar-grid-battery) • Priority - (solar-battery-grid) • Priority – (Grid-Solar-Battery) • Grid Feed Mode