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    Sukam 150 Watt Solar Panel - SU-150

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    FEATURES: • Domestic lighting systems • Street light • Water pumping • Battery charging • Community TV system • Microwave repeater station • Railway signaling and lighting system • Rural radio phones and exchange. • Offshore platforms • Desalination Plants • Power pack for village electrification • Crop Sprayer • Outdoor test for energy yield • Electroluminescence • IR Thermography • Reliability test for junction box • Damp heat test • Thermal cycling humidity freeze • Hot spot test • Low Irradiance test • STC & NOCT performance • UV • Outdoor exposure • Dry Hipot • Insulation Resistance • Wet Leakage Current • Bypass Diode Thermal Test • IEC 61215 standards Certifications • IEC 61730-1 • IEC 61730-2 • IEC 60904-1 • CE Certified • MNRE, Govt. of India Approved

    Sukam 1.5KW Grid Tie Inverter - SRS-1.5K

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    FEATURES: • High Total Efficiency – High reliability and efficiency with low auxiliary consumption for rapid return on investment. MPP efficiency >99.9%; Maximum efficiency >97.5% • - PV compatibility – Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverter is designed to take advantage of solar modules configured as high voltage PV string arrays – with an input voltage Maximum Power Point Range of 150 to 550 Vdc. • - Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) – Su-Kam Grid Tie Inverters use Maximum Power Point Technology (MPPT) to harvest the maximum amount of energy from the solar array. Provide single and double MPP trackers for different application demands. • - Expandable – Multiple grid tie inverters may be networked together for increased net metering capacity or future system growth. Parallel up to 50 units via RS485 port. • - Advanced grid support functionality – Extensive grid code compatibility and adjustability. • - Proven technology platform – High reliability and long operating life for secured return on investment. • - Compact state of the art design – Transformer-less design. Low space requirement, with fast and easy installation and serviceability for reduced overall cost. • - Life cycle service & support – Rapid support anywhere through Su-Kam’s extensive service network. • - Robust enclosure, with IP65 rating – Suitable for outdoor installation

    Sukam Sunway 40W Solar Street Light LED Based - Sunway 40W

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    FEATURES: • 140lumen/W LM80 certified LED with >50000hours of life • Dimming option available on 80W and 100W system • Pressure Die Cast Aluminum body for long led life • IP65 compliant design • High efficiency electronics and thermal managementting

    Sukam Battery Management System 12V To 48V - BMS

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    FEATURES: • Extends battery Life • Reduce Battery Replacement • Save electricity • Save Money • Saves from over or under charge

    Sukam Combo of Brainy Eco 1600VA Inverter and 1040W Solar Panel - Solar Combo1

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    FEATURES: • Sukam Brainy Eco 1600VA/24V and 4 x Sukam 260W/24V Solar Panel • Single operation master switch • Reverse current flow protection • High surge load handling capacity • Multiunctional grasphical display

    Sukam Combo of Solar Panel 960W With SCC 12-24V/30A LCD (PWM) - Solar Combo4

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    FEATURES: • 3 x Solar Panel 320W/24V + SCC 12-24V/30A PWM Charge Controller • Polycrystalline silicon solar cells • Powered by TEDLER, cranes glass & EVA • Solar cells laminated between UV resistant polymer (EVA) • Proof nylon terminal box for output connections