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    Vikram Solar 340W Monocrystaline Solar Panel - 340P

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    FEATURES: • Solar panels operate on a simple mechanism of converting the solar energy into electrical with the help of Solar inverters. Solar panels are made up of solar cells i.e. Poly-crystalline/Mono-crystalline cells which stores the solar energy. • The Solar panels are made up of Mono-crystalline cells connected in series • There are 72 Solar cells. • The Solar India Mono-crystalline Solar Panels have a Short Circuit voltage of 6.6A and an Open circuit - -Voltage of 21.6V. With a 25years of warranty and the high-efficiency

    Vikram Solar 270W 24V Polycrystalline Solar Panel - 270P

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    FEATURES: • Polycrystalline sillicon cells are connected in series. • - Solar cells between UV resitant Polymer and high transmission toughened glass surface. • - Rugged weather proof nylon box for output connection. • - Anodized aluminium frame for structural support and shock resistance.