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    Glass Break Detector

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    Glass break Detector FG1025Z

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    FEATURES: • Patented Time-of-Arrival processing with dual microphones improves false alarm immunity in its “Exclusion Zone” • Power requirements: 8 ~ 14 Vdc, 25 mA @ 12 Vdc, AC ripple: 4 volts peak to peak at Nominal 12Vdc • Four adjustable sensitivity settings • 7.6m range / no minimum range • Compatible with the FG701 Glassbreak simulator • Remote test mode activation • CE, INCERT • Dimensions (ø x d): 108mm x 22.4mm x 23mm

    Glass break Detector FG1625SN

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    FEATURES: • FlexCore Signal Processor • Easy Installation and Setup • Selectable Sensitivity • Mount the Detector Anywhere • Covers All Glass Types

    Glass break Detector FG1625F

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    FEATURES: • Remote test mode enable • Four levels sensitivity set via DIP switch • Adjustable sensitivity • Protected PCB with tamper switch • FlexCore™ processing HONE

    Honeywell Intellisense FG-730 Dual Flex-Guard Audio Glass-Break Detector

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    FEATURES: • Field Proven Design • Dual Technology Flex-Audio Principle • Signal Verification

    Texecom TXIGBB0003 (Wireless Glass Break Detector)

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    FEATURES: • Imapaq Plus-W Mesh Technology Wireless Vibration Sensor and Wireless Magnetic Contact. – Complete Sensitivity Adjustment.# – Typical 2 to 3 year Battery Life. – Wall and Cover Tamper,2 Year Warranty. – Built in Repeater.

    Glass Break Detector

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