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    Occupancy Sensor

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    Features: • Save energy • Can be controlled with remote Easy installation Specifications: Product Name: Presence control PRO IR quattro HD COM2 Reach: 8-20 mts. adjustable in a square detection pattern to eliminate any blind or undetected areas. The fine / small motion area is 8x8 mts. (64 sq.-mts.) Applications: Conference room, training hall and meeting room, class room, staff room, office cabin Mounting: Ceiling mount PIR presence sensor-mounting height: 2.5 mts to 10 mts Settings: Digital Bus Interface using the ETS software or remote control Live life conveniently and save energy too. More quality of life, more safety and security and more energy saved with intelligent sensor technology from STEINEL. Light 'ON' / 'OFF' - automatically. Highly innovative sensors respond to movements and light levels, automatically and instantaneously switching the light 'ON' and 'OFF' again after a preselected time. The extremely high-definition Presence Control PRO IR Quattro HD COM2 infrared presence detector with the unique square detection zone and COM2 interface. For switching light 'ON' and 'OFF and additionally controlling heating, ventilation and air-conditioning in relation to the presence of persons and ambient brightness.

    PIR Motion Sensors

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    (EAN)4007841606114 "Steinel Black"

    PIR Sensor/ Black

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    EAN Code 4007841660215

    Ultrasonic Motion Sensors

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    DESCRIPTION: Light ON/OFF – automatically. The Ultrasonic Motion Sensors respond to movements and light levels, automatically and instantly switching the light ON and OFF again after a preselected time. The dynamic 360° space wizard with a presence detection zone of 6 x 6 m or 36 m². Ultrasonic presence detector US 360 configured for COM1 connection is equipped with an interface for switching light ON and OFF in relation to human presence and ambient brightness. It is the ideal solution for mounting on ceilings in offices, conference rooms, storerooms as well as training and classrooms where light is to switch ON and OFF automatically and save energy. This Compact Ultrasonic Sensor actively emits ultrasonic waves at a high frequency of 40 kHz. These waves fill every last corner of the room and reliably detect transparent and other objects that are hard to sense by optical means. This Ultrasonic Motion Sensor envelops objects but do not penetrate them – walls neither. As a result, the highly sensitive sensor system in the STEINEL US 360 identifies even the smallest of movements inside the room. It memorises ambient brightness automatically in the teach mode. Like all products from STEINEL PROFESSIONAL, the US 360 is synonymous with maximum precision, reliability and service life.

    Motion Detector_IS 345

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    IS 345 COM1 - concealed, sq. Huge reach. Infrared motion detector IS 345 for indoors and out, ideal for passageways, corridors, and commonly used spaces, installation height 5 m, the detection zone 12 x 6 m (radial) and 23 x 6 m (tangential), heavy-duty relay for high switching capacity. Available either in round or square surface-mounted, concealed, or In-ceiling installation.

    Motion Detector_IS 3360 MX Highbay

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    Function description A head for heights. Powerful reach. Reliable. IS 3360 MX Highbay motion detector – ideal for high ceilings in industrial buildings or commercial properties. For mounting heights of up to 14 m. High-precision 360° infrared sensor. Maximum reach: 18 m. For watching over up to 1000 sq.m. Available as square surface-mounted and concealed version.