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    The Global Caché’ Flex is an industry first, a tiny device that connects previously unconnected hardware to a WiFi or TCP/IP network so it can be controlled and automated by the controller of your choice.

    Flex IP-P - Flex IP with PoE

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    The Global Caché iTach Flex IP with PoE simplifies a Flex IP installation by cutting out the need for a separate power supply. Power is delivered over the Ethernet cable, allowing flexible installs even where a power outlet isn't available. The iTach Flex IP adds IP control to nearly any electronic device, so you can control that device over the Internet using your smartphone, tablet, or PC. Automate events and control it from anywhere!


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    Flex Wifi

    Flex-WF - Flex Wifi

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    The Global Caché iTach Flex WiFi instantly enables WiFi control for electronic devices, allowing you to automate almost any device, system, or protocol. Remotely control the connected device using an app on a smartphone, tablet, or any other user interface. By adding intelligence to the enabled device, events and tasks can be automatically triggered, adding convenience to the electronics you use every day.

    FLC-SL-232- Flex Link RS232 Serial Cable

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    Global Caché Flex Link Serial Cable (RS232)

    FLC-SL-MJ - Flex Link RS232 Mini Jack Cable

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    Global Caché Flex Link RS232 Mini Jack Cable For Use With The iTach Flex The Global Caché Flex Link RS232 Mini Jack Cable connects to your iTach Flex Module via a 3.5mm jack to enable IP/WiFi control for a TV or other A/V device with an RS232 mini-jack input. By connecting to the device's service or serial input, the cable along with the iTach Flex allow simple software crossover configuration. No power supply is required. 1. Supports standard 8 data bit-serial, and Tx and Rx signals 2. Bi-directional communication with no hardware handshaking 3. Configurable using iTach Flex web server or HTTP/TCP software APIs 4. Allows for null modem and straight through cable creation

    AV Solutions GC

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